For the entirety of our existence we have been first cradled by the pelvis. The pelvic region is a complex and multi-faceted storage shed that holds our own personal geography and containment or liberation. One of the most important parts of women’s health is pelvic health and throughout history and life the conversation has often been deemed taboo, embarrassing, or it has been dismissed. It is time to normalize the conversation around pelvic health.

In this six week series, we will discuss what’s going on down there. We will familiarize and educate ourselves on the anatomy and functionality of the pelvis and all that it supports and contains. Together we will look at our relationship with our pelvis by educating ourselves on how our daily and past experiences affect the integrity of our pelvis. We will explore the breath and posture and its impact on the pelvic floor muscles and then explore movement to further our own understanding of the bodies immense healing ability. The intent of this class is to normalize the conversation about our everyday issues that occur in the pelvic area and to empower us to step on to a path of physical and emotional health through self-awareness and education. Our worlds are very busy and often we are not given the time we desire with our medical team to fully discuss our concerns and curiosities. Here is your opportunity to become stronger and more confident about your own life and your own pelvic health and practice intelligent and informed self-care. 

Some of the topics to be discussed on our ever-growing list: 

  • Incontinence 
  • Anatomy 
  • Breath  
  • Kegels vs Pelvic Floor Exercises
  • Pelvic Floor Geared Yoga Practice
  • Posture 
  • Healthy Hips and Glutes
  • The Inner Corset
  • Painful Sex and Discomfort
  • Prolapse 
  • Menopause  
  • Preventive Care 
  • Our Relationship With Our Pelvis
  • The Root